Sitaram Chamarty <> writes:

> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 10:35 PM, Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> John Arthorne <> writes:
>>> For all the details see this bugzilla, particularly comment #59 where we
>>> finally narrowed this down:
>> What does "at the system level" in your "does *not* work at the
>> system level." exactly mean?
> "git config --system receive.denynonfastforwards true" is not honored.
>  At all.  (And I checked there was nothing overriding it).
> "--global" does work (is honored).
> Tested on 1.7.11

Thanks, and interesting.

Does anybody recall if this is something we did on purpose?  After
eyeballing the callchain starting from cmd_receive_pack() down to
receive_pack_config(), nothing obvious jumps at me.

Could this be caused by a chrooted environment not having
/etc/gitconfig (now I am just speculating)?

A quick "strace -f -o /tmp/tr git push ../neigh" seems to indicate
that at least access() is called on "/etc/gitconfig" as I expect,
which makes me think that near the beginning of git_config_early(),
we would read from /etc/gitconfig if the file existed (I do not
install any distro "git", so there is no /etc/gitconfig on my box).

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