Fabien POTENCIER <fabien.potenc...@gmail.com> writes:

> According to the docs:
> "Repeated splits of exactly the same history are
> guaranteed to be identical (ie. to produce the same
> commit ids).  Because of this, if you add new commits
> and then re-split, the new commits will be attached as
> commits on top of the history you generated last time..."
> But unfortunately, that's not always the case.
> I've found that if you have a commit that reverts the previous one and
> then merge a branch where those two commits did not exist, then the
> next time you split, they won't be present anymore in the split tree.

I'm not entirely sure that they history *should* be the same in the
presence of a merge.  It's certainly not the same history as when
the original split was done so I don't think guarantee holds.

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