Techlive Zheng <> writes:

> I don't know if it is the right place to post this patch, I have sended
> an email to the original author apenwarr and have no response. According
> to 
> <>,
> this is the place, but 
> <> says
> different, which is really confusing. Anyway, here I am.

This is the place.

> Recently, I imported a foreign git project as a sub directory into a
> main repo which I intend to maintain as primary.


> Due to the project I imported has its own remote repo which hosted
> on the github, I expected after a ' split' the newly
> generated subtree branch would be exactly identical to the original
> branch. 

I would have thought so too.

> Unfortunately, it is not. I have fixed the committer date and make
> everything looks the same with the original branch, but they just did
> not end up with same commit sha1 hash. Then, I used `git cat-file -p`
> to view the raw output of the both commits and found that the commit
> generate by git-subtree has a extra 'new-line' character appended at
> the end of the subject which causes the problem.


> I checked the source and found "%s%n%n%b" were used to generate the
> commit message, this works the fine when a commit has a subject as
> well as a body, but most of my commits only have a subject under
> which condition a extra 'new-line' character is appended.

Ah.  Yes, we should fix this.

> Instead, a raw subject and body message modifier '%B' should be used.


> Though I think this patch should be applied by default, but the mistake
> has been there for a long time, applying this patch may cause the patched
> git-subtree generate a different branch for those whose subtree branch
> has already been generated using the old git-subtree. Maybe this should
> be explained in the help or man page, and add a condition check or a
> compatible mode somehow.

The problem is in the split code?  I'm not sure this is a big issue.  I
can run some experiments.

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