Jeff King <> writes:

> You can get multiple warnings from this, as some programs read the
> config multiple times. I don't think it's really worth caring about, as
> you would want to fix such a misconfiguration quickly anyway.

I agree that we wouldn't care too much about the multiple warnings,
and even if we did, it would be easy to correct. Instead of having a
call to warning(_("unable to access..."), path, strerror(errno))
directly in acceess_or_warn(), make that a helper function that is
called from there and other places you warn in your other patches,
and maintain a small table of already-warned-for paths in the helper,
and we are done.

> A bigger question is whether people are stuck living with such a
> misconfiguration (e.g., inaccessible directories made by a clueless
> admin), and would be annoyed at having no way to turn this feature off.

Yes, /etc/gitconfig would certainly have that issue; exclude and
attr you deal with your other patches are safe, though.

Modulo the above "you might want to turn the call to warn() to
another helper that can be used from elsewhere", this patch looks
perfect to me.

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