Eric Wong <> writes:

> Steven Walter <> wrote:
>> Consider the case where you have trunk, branch1 of trunk, and branch2 of
>> branch1.  trunk is merged back into branch2, and then branch2 is
>> reintegrated into trunk.  The merge of branch2 into trunk will have
>> svn:mergeinfo property references to both branch1 and branch2.  When
>> git-svn fetches the commit that merges branch2 (check_cherry_pick),
>> it is necessary to eliminate the merged contents of branch1 as well as
>> branch2, or else the merge will be incorrectly ignored as a cherry-pick.
>> Signed-off-by: Steven Walter <>
> Thanks, I've Signed-off (also added Sam's Reviewed-by) and
> pushed to "for-git-master" on git://
> (Will wait on a few other patches before asking Junio to pull)

If there are stuff that should go to 1.7.12 maintenance track,
please separate them from new features and risky improvements.

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