Jonathan del Strother <> writes:

> On 22 August 2012 13:10, Brian Foster <> wrote:
> ...
>>  In the past I've done:
>>     diff <(git show A) <(git show B)
>>  which produces rather messy output but is Ok when dealing
>>  with just one or two sets of A/B commits.  I now have a
>>  large-ist set of A/B commits, and the above is impractical.

Isn't this what interdiff is for?

>>  Some searching hasn't found any suggestions I'm too happy
>>  with, albeit I've very possibly overlooked something.
> What about cherry picking B onto A, then showing the cherry-picked commit?
> Off the top of my head :
> git checkout A
> git cherry-pick B
> git show HEAD

Wouldn't you see a lot of needless conflicts while doing such a cherry-pick?

I often do

        git checkout A^
        git cherry-pick B
        git diff A

when queuing an updated patch.

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