"Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:

>> If it helps your port, compat/itimer.c sounds like a good place.
>> Doesn't it need a new header file to introduce structures and constants,
> too?
> You mean the ITIMER_* and struct itimerval, right?
> On NonStop these are available in <sys/time.h>, so here's no need to add
> them.

At least you would need a header to declare these two functions and
make them visible so that the remainder of the codebase will not
have to know about git_setitimer(), no?  Or does your header files
on NonStop declare setitimer() but does not implement it?

As your proposed name is not compat/tandem.c but more generic
sounding compat/itimer.c, we would have to plan for systems other
than NonStop, so we may later have to introduce makefile variables
to ask that header file to declare the structure and define the
constants that are missing from such a system.  While you are
porting to NonStop, you may not have to define/declare them, but
knowing that these files are the place to later do so is part of the

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