wrote on Mon, 20 Aug 2012 13:43 -1000:
> This removes the branch names from being included in the file system
> path when using the both --use-client-spec and --detect-branches
> options.
> Used alone, the --detect-branches option did the right thing, removing
> the branch names from the relative git path. By adding the
> --use-client-spec option, the old logic would incorrectly bypass this
> step.

Thanks for reporting this bug, and supplying a fix.  I think,
though that this is the same issue we were looking at in this

It is queued up and the fix likely will appear in 1.7.13 (or
whatever the next release after 1.7.12 is called).

(Gmane has been down all day from here; there's information from
another reporter in .)

                -- Pete
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