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Git and Gitk are currently using the ~/.gitconfig and ~/.gitk files in
the $HOME directory. It would be nice to use the XDG Base Directory
standard for the location instead, see [1] and [2]. Are there any
plans regarding this standard?
Git does this starting at 1.7.12. See the release notes, e.g. at

I do not recall whether gitk learned about it (I don't think so).

Like all big sweeping changes, these were done in a
backwards-compatible way that will allow users to switch over when
they are ready.  If you are interested in attacking this from the gitk
angle then you will want to follow a similar strategy.

I just checked it, the code is in https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/gitk-git/gitk:2710 and following. Currently it still saves it to ~/.gitk-new and then renames it to ~/.gitk

Unfortunately I do not know Tcl/Tk so I can't provide a patch. But if someone could provide a patch that would be really nice.
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