> From: Junio C Hamano [mailto:gits...@pobox.com]
> Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 6:07 PM
> To: Joachim Schmitz
> Cc: git@vger.kernel.org; Erik Faye-Lund
> Subject: Re: [PATCH v2] Support non-WIN32 system lacking poll() while keeping 
> the WIN32 part intact
> "Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:
> > There is a downside with this: In order to make use of it, in Makefile it
> > adds "-Icompat/win32" to COMPAR_CFLAGS. This results in
> > compat/win32/dirent.h to be found, rather than /usr/include/dirent.h.
> > This should be fine for WIN32, but for everybody else may not.
> > For HP NonStop in particular it results in a warning:
> >
> >         };
> >          ^
> > "... /compat/win32/dirent.h", line 17: warning(133): expected an identifier
> >
> > And this is because there it uses an unnamed union, which is a GCC extension
> > (just like unnamed struct), but not part of C89/C99/POSIX.
> >
> > One possible solution might be to move compat/win32/poll.[ch] to compat/.
> I think that is the most sensible way to go, because poll.[ch]
>  (1) has proven itself to be useful outside the context of win32, and
>  (2) the code is coming from gnulib anyway.
> I thought I already suggested going that route in my previous
> review, but perhaps I forgot to do so.

No, I believe you did, but I had forgotten about it. Could/should that be a 2nd 
Or a v3 of this one?

Different, but related question: would poll.[ch] be allowed to #include 

Bye, Jojo

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