From: Michael Haggerty <>

Re-roll, incorporating Jeff's suggestions.  Some commit messages have
also been improved, but the only interdiff is that match_pos is
renamed to head_pos in filter_refs().

This patch series applies to the merge between master and
jc/maint-push-refs-all, though the dependency on the latter is only

Michael Haggerty (17):
  t5500: add tests of error output for missing refs
  Rename static function fetch_pack() to http_fetch_pack()
  Fix formatting.
  Name local variables more consistently
  Do not check the same head_pos twice
  Let fetch_pack() inform caller about number of unique heads
  Pass nr_heads to do_pack_ref() by reference
  Pass nr_heads to everything_local() by reference
  Pass nr_heads to filter_refs() by reference
  Remove ineffective optimization
  filter_refs(): do not leave gaps in return_refs
  filter_refs(): compress unmatched refs in heads array
  cmd_fetch_pack: return early if finish_connect() returns an error
  Report missing refs even if no existing refs were received
  cmd_fetch_pack(): simplify computation of return value
  fetch_pack(): free matching heads
  filter_refs(): simplify logic

 builtin/fetch-pack.c  | 128 ++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------
 fetch-pack.h          |  19 +++++---
 http-walker.c         |   4 +-
 t/ |  32 ++++++++++++-
 transport.c           |   8 ++--
 5 files changed, 101 insertions(+), 90 deletions(-)


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