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> From: "Enrico Weigelt" <enrico.weig...@vnc.biz>
> Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 12:26:39 PM
> Subject: diff/merge tool that ignores whitespace changes
> I'm looking for a diff / merge tool that treats lines with
> only whitespace changes (trailing or leading whitespaces,
> linefeeds, etc) as equal.
> The goal is to make reviews as well as merging or rebasing
> easier when things like indentions often change.
> Does anybody know an solution for that ?

I use kdiff3 which has the option to ignore whitespace changes (bonus: I can 
use it on all three major OSes as my work requires).  It's GUI based, so that 
could be considered a downside to some.

I usually use a combination of Git's built-in diff and kdiff to check my work.

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