From: "Junio C Hamano" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 12:22 AM
"Philip Oakley" <> writes:

I searched for all occurrences of '[[' which would indicate a double
optional argument within the synopsis and only found git-read-tree.

Double-optional?  That is not an issue.

For clarification, I was picking out the particular case that I saw in
the git checkout syntax of an option (which necessarily starts with a
first `[` ) which is actually then a multi-choice option, so has a
second '[' for that, and then has the required parameter after the
closing ']' of the multi-choice, then another ']' after the parameter - hence my 'double optional argument' statement.

It was the multi-choice option, with parameter case that I was looking
for, as that multi-choice part would be easy to confuse with the normal
list of many options.

If an option always takes a parameter, we would have

git cmd [--option parameter]

instead of one of

git cmd [--option]
git cmd [--option] parameter
git cmd [--option] parameter...

and if we had

       This option distims the parameter ...

that needs to be updated to

--option parameter::
       This option distims the parameter ...



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