I'm risking myself on this mailing list after looking for some advise on
IRC. Basically I know about this previous attempt
http://marc.info/?l=git&m=122955045415845&w=2 but my request has little
to do with emacs.

I believe UNIX recommends some rules in the «less is more» spirit when
designing command line applications [basically listed here:

As far as I understand those, stdin/out/err would be better left with
minimum processing. Silent execution with $? = 0 is the best thing that
can happen.

Per those rules, which I think apply to Linux apps, it would be
preferrable if the *default* setup of git didn't fork a pager, didn't
use colors, didn't behave differently whether piped or not.

Of course I would be the first to always call the tool with
git diff |less
excepted when I do git diff |diffstat
or enjoy such options as command line or environment switches to git.
when I want.

So the point is more about the appropriateness of pushing that special
ergonomy to all users, knowing it makes most users happy.

Isn't the design principle superior to the wishes of the masses?

Thanks for reading,
Don't laugh,
Keep on the good work.

Sincerely yours,

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