On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 2:15 AM, Martin von Zweigbergk
<martinv...@gmail.com> wrote:
> When 'git log' is passed the --no-walk option, no revision walk takes
> place, naturally. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, however, the provided
> revisions still get sorted by commit date. So e.g 'git log --no-walk
> HEAD HEAD~1' and 'git log --no-walk HEAD~1 HEAD' give the same result
> (unless the two revisions share the commit date, in which case they
> will retain the order given on the command line). As the commit that
> introduced --no-walk (8e64006 (Teach revision machinery about
> --no-walk, 2007-07-24)) points out, the sorting is intentional, to
> allow things like
>  git log --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline --decorate --all --no-walk
> to show all refs in order by commit date.
> But there are also other cases where the sorting is not wanted, such
> as
>  <command producing revisions in order> |
>        git log --oneline --no-walk --stdin
> To accomodate both cases, leave the decision of whether or not to sort
> up to the caller, by allowing --no-walk={sorted,unsorted}, defaulting
> to 'sorted' for backward-compatibility reasons.
> Signed-off-by: Martin von Zweigbergk <martinv...@gmail.com>
> ---

Perhaps I am missing something from an earlier discussion, but it is
not obvious to me why this is an option to the no-walk behavior and
not something like --sorted/--unsorted as a separate option.

In other words, I don't understand why you always want to sort if you
are doing revision walking.

Thanks for any explanation,
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