Jeff King <> writes:

> When you wrote "oldest" here, I thought that meant you would do a
> comparison on the taggerdate. But reading the implementation, you really
> mean "topologically oldest".
> I wonder, though, if the former would be sufficient for most people.

Even without clock skew, timestamps are inappropriate measure for
the purpose of measuring "this dates back to...", unless you are
limiting yourself to very linear history.  Even in our own history,
v1.7.6.6 is 4 months newer than v1.7.7, for example.  The same holds
true between v1.7.6.6^0 and v1.7.7^0, so the story does not change
whether you use tagger date or committer date.

Basing this based on tag names is an attractive idea, but we would
need to devise a way for people to pass project specific tagname
comparison function from outside.  v3.2 is newer than v3.2-rc1 but
v3.2-bis may probably be newer than v3.2 and I do not think we want
to collect the rules and cast the logic in our code in stone.

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