Thomas Ackermann <> writes:

> I am using MsysGit 1.7.11 on WinXP 32 bit and experience the folllowing 
> strange behaviour:
> For a file like "File.txt" in the repo, "git blame file.txt" (note the lower 
> case)
> shows "Not commited yet" for every single line in the file. 
> "git blame File.txt" (correct upper case spelling) gives the correct output.
> "core.ignorecase" is "true" so this behaviour is not what I expected.

What happens when you do this?

        $ echo garbage >no-such-file-tracked.txt
        $ git blame no-such-file-tracked.txt

If you see everything attributed to the working tree file, I _think_
you are seeing exactly the same thing.  As far as your repository
history is concerned, "file.txt" is never tracked ("File.txt" is),
and when Git asks the contents for "file.txt" in the working tree,
Windows case insensitive filesystem gives it the contents of
"File.txt" instead, all lines in which is initially attributed to
the working tree.  When blame tries to pass the blame around to the
commit at HEAD and down the history, it never finds "file.txt", so
all the blame is given to this phamtom contents from "File.txt"
Windows gave you as if it were stored in "file.txt", which does not
really exist.

An obvious workaround is to say "git blame File.txt".  You might be
able to patch MsysGit so that "git blame file.txt" errors out when
it does not find such a path in the HEAD commit, though.
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