On 08/31/2012 11:32 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> [...]
> * mh/fetch-filter-refs (2012-08-26) 17 commits
>  - filter_refs(): simplify logic
>  - fetch_pack(): free matching heads
>  - cmd_fetch_pack(): simplify computation of return value
>  - fetch-pack: report missing refs even if no existing refs were received
>  - cmd_fetch_pack: return early if finish_connect() returns an error
>  - filter_refs(): compress unmatched refs in heads array
>  - filter_refs(): do not leave gaps in return_refs
>  - filter_refs(): simplify by removing optimization
>  - Pass nr_heads to filter_refs() by reference
>  - Pass nr_heads to everything_local() by reference
>  - Pass nr_heads to do_pack_ref() by reference
>  - Let fetch_pack() inform caller about number of unique heads
>  - filter_refs(): do not check the same head_pos twice
>  - fetch-pack.c: name local variables more consistently
>  - fetch_pack(): reindent function decl and defn
>  - Rename static function fetch_pack() to http_fetch_pack()
>  - t5500: add tests of error output for missing refs
> Code simplification and clarification.
> Waiting for a follow-up patch based on Peff's idea.

Please hold off on merging this anywhere for now.  I realized that
<nr_heads,heads> is basically a string_list, and I'm going to try
re-implementing on that basis.


Michael Haggerty
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