> Without a command-line onto the filesystem (either local or NFS), how
> do you create a new repository for a new project?

These things are out of the scope of git itself, they belong to another
layer - you're probably looking for some repo hosting solution.

One already was mentioned: gitolite. Another one is gitosis.

> We have a fairly large team on a diverse set of projects. Projects
> come and go, so it's a burden if the administrator is needed just to
> create repos.

Maybe you'd also like to have some project management / ticketing
tool. We've got an redmine and gitolite based solution for that,
that's automatically creating repos and managing access control
on per-project basis. Will be publically released in a few days,
just drop a note if you're interested in it.

> Most projects start as a small test at some point; eg.
>   mkdir xx
>   cd xx
>   git init
>   <write some code>
>   git commit
>   ...
> When a project becomes more official, the developer clones to a
> central
> location; eg.
>   git clone --bare . /net/git/xx.git

Do you have any kind of access control in place, or can everybody
write just everywhere ?

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