Torsten Bögershausen <> writes:

> This leads to 2 questions:
> a) Do we want the reencode feature in git, so that I continue to work on it?
>    From a performance point of view that would probably OK:
>    The "git status" on a linux tree was slightly slower on my PC when 
> measured with time.
>    From the user experience there was not a difference.

I am not fundamentally opposed to such a change, as long as the
change does not affect performance at all when the feature is not
used, and the resulting code does not become too ugly.

Use of the "reencode" feature may have to make things slow, but you
have to spend some cycle to do what the feature has to do anyway,

> b) If yes,
>    I have to admit that I don't use paths from --stdin or file so much,
>    except "git am" or "git format-patch"
>    Which commands are affected?

$ git grep -l -e '--stdin' Documentation/git*

may be a good starting point.

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