Dear l10n team members,

New "git.pot" is generated from v1.7.12-146-g16d26 in the master branch.

    l10n: Update git.pot (2 new, 4 removed messages)

    Generate po/git.pot from v1.7.12-146-g16d26, and there are 2 new,
    4 removed l10n messages.

     * 2 new messages are added at lines:

       4151, 4172

     * 4 old messages are deleted from the previous version at lines:

       350, 354, 2069, 4166

    Signed-off-by: Jiang Xin <>

It's time for a new round of translation.

 * Fetch new commits from git://
 * Update your "XX.po" according to the new "git.pot" file.
 * Start your translation and review your commits inside your l10n team.
 * Send a pull request to git-l10n/git-po on GitHub.

Jiang Xin
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