Ken Dreyer <> writes:

> The "?" character can be present in a CVS tag name, but git's
> bad_ref_char does not allow question marks in git tags. If
> git-cvsimport encounters a CVS tag with a question mark, it will error
> and refuse to continue the import beyond that point.
> When importing CVS tags, strip "?" characters from the tag names as we
> translate them to git tag names.
> Signed-off-by: Ken Dreyer <>
> ---
>  git-cvsimport.perl | 1 +
>  1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
> diff --git a/git-cvsimport.perl b/git-cvsimport.perl
> index 8d41610..36f59fe 100755
> --- a/git-cvsimport.perl
> +++ b/git-cvsimport.perl
> @@ -890,6 +890,7 @@ sub commit {
>               $xtag =~ tr/_/\./ if ( $opt_u );
>               $xtag =~ s/[\/]/$opt_s/g;
>               $xtag =~ s/\[//g;
> +             $xtag =~ s/\?//g;

I do not think this is a right and sustainable approach.  The next
patch would probably be to strip "~" and then another patch that
strips "^", and yet another that squashes ".." into one would surely

How about extending the s/\[//g we can see in the context to cover
everything that are unacceptable (see refs.c:bad_ref_char()) once
and for all?  The result needs to be further massaged to avoid
component that has two or more dots in a row, a dot at the beginning
or at the end (see the comment at the beginning of refs.c, and also

>               system('git' , 'tag', '-f', $xtag, $cid) == 0
>                       or die "Cannot create tag $xtag: $!\n";
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