On Wed, Sep 5, 2012 at 12:51 PM, Yohann Ferreira
<yohann.ferre...@orange.fr> wrote:
> As a day-to-day hard git user ;), I also have to manage files with different
> licenses I need to track.
> As git handles all those files in a very smart way, I wondered whether git
> could also handle that information, at least somehow.

Say you have files like:


Why not just have these files:


Which would contain, respectively:




Then just have a script, maybe add it as a hook on your server before
it accepts a push which ensures that all files currently in the tree
are listed in those license-info/* files.

You could also just add a license header to each of these files, and
have a script that ensures that everything has such a header. I think
the Debian project has such a script that you could adapt.

Git just tracks files, so just do this in some file-based manner and
you'll be fine.
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