Jeff King skrev 2011-12-08 00.06:
On Wed, Dec 07, 2011 at 11:58:27PM +0100, Carlos Martín Nieto wrote:

If you want to use OSX to develop this project, you'll have to either
rename one of those files or set your filesystem to be case-sensitive
(and unset core.ignorecase afterwards). From what I've heard, the OS
itself will work fine with a case-sensitive filesystem, but not all
applications might. YMMV.

I've never done it, but my understanding is that for HFS+, going
case-sensitive is not a simple flip of a switch, but you have to
actually make a new filesystem. Given that complexity, and the fact that
some other apps might not like it, your best bet might be to create a
new case-sensitive filesystem in a loopback file, and then mount that
just for this project.

I'm not sure of the exact commands under OS X, but I'm sure some
googling could probably turn up a solution.

The disk tool does this for you. Can't be much easier than it is.

-- robin

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