On Thu, Sep 06, 2012 at 12:12:42PM +0200, norbert.nemec wrote:

> The option should either be rejected or do *something* documented and
> useful. Ideally, it should result in behavior that matches 'git log
> --follow' as closely as possible. So maybe, it should be a synonym
> for a certain number of "-C" options?

But I don't see how it would match "git log --follow", as that is a
fundamentally different operation that makes no sense in the context of
blame (why would you be adjusting the pathspec? There is no pathspec). A
synonym for "-C" would just confuse things more, as log also has "-C"
and it is not a synonym there.

So if anything, I'd say to simply reject it. It's not documented, and it
never did anything useful. Patches welcome.

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