There is a strange workaround for SVN-repos, containing directories that were replaced by symlinks in the past, properly cloned into GIT (with empty dirs):

You have to import it part-by-part ... i.e. fetch revision 1-3 and then fetch 4-5:

git svn clone -r 1:3 --preserve-empty-dirs file://`pwd`/test-svn-repo test-git
cd test-git
git svn fetch
# This works fine for the example below

The disadvantage is, that you have to figure out those critical revisions manually. Otherwise you may have an inconsistent clone.

Am 04.09.2012 15:11, schrieb Mark Plomer:
if I clone a SVN repository with --preserve-empty-dirs it terminates at some 
point with i.e. following error:
folder/subfolder was not found in commit 
2dcb008c220f5f6fe33700c9e7deb0c8fa2b8607 (r4)

I tracked things down to the following problem:
- r1: Create a directory with subdirectory with a file
- r2: Remove the file (so it generates a virtual .gitignore)
- r3: Rename subdirectory
- r4: Add a symlink named like the old subdirectory

-> In GIT the symlink is actually not a symlink but a folder with the 
".gitignore" file ... which break things later when changing symlink

# Simple reproduce script:
svnadmin create test-svn-repo
svn co file://`pwd`/test-svn-repo test-svn-wc

mkdir -p test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder
touch test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder/file.txt
svn add test-svn-wc/*
svn ci -m 'Initial commit' test-svn-wc

svn rm test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder/file.txt
svn ci -m 'Removed file.txt' test-svn-wc

svn up test-svn-wc
svn mv test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder2
svn ci -m 'Renamed subfolder' test-svn-wc

svn up test-svn-wc
ln -s subfolder2 test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder
svn add test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder
svn ci -m 'Added subfolder symlink' test-svn-wc

rm -f test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder
ln -s changedlink test-svn-wc/folder/subfolder
svn ci -m 'Changed symlink' test-svn-wc

git svn clone --preserve-empty-dirs file://`pwd`/test-svn-repo test-git
# this throws error: folder/subfolder was not found in commit 
2dcb008c220f5f6fe33700c9e7deb0c8fa2b8607 (r4)

Tested with git 1.7.12, svn 1.6.12 (debian)

Greets Mark

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