On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 11:17 AM, Tim McCormack <cor...@brainonfire.net> wrote:
> If a tag that gitk knows about is deleted and recreated with a
> different message, gitk still shows the old message after any
> combination of refresh, reload, and reread refs.
> git-gui version
> Reproduce:
> 1. git tag -a test -m "foo" HEAD
> 2. Open gitk, see that correct message ("foo") is present for tag "test"
> 3. git tag -d test
> 4. Reload/refresh gitk [optional, it won't make a difference]
> 5. git tag -a test -m "bar" HEAD
> 6. Reload/refresh gitk
> 7. See that the message on tag "test" is still "foo"
> 8. $ git show test # shows correct message "bar"
> Apologies if this is an old version or a known bug; I could not find an
> issue tracker to search, although I did check the gmane archives.

Tags in git are meant to be immutable.  You can delete them, but you shouldn't.
That's not really how they are intended to be used.

gitk avoids re-reading that information because the normal,
typical use case is that the tag messages do not change.

It would probably be a performance regression to "fix" this.
In which case, IMO it's not a bug.
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