On Thu, Sep 06, 2012 at 02:01:30PM -0700, Jeffrey Middleton wrote:

> I'm generally very happy with the fuzzy parsing. It's a great feature
> that is designed to and in general does save users a lot of time and
> thought. In this case I don't think it does. The problems are:
> (1) It's not ignoring things it can't understand, it's silently
> interpreting them in a useless way.

Right, but we would then need to come up with a list of things it _does_
understand. So right now I can say "6 June" or "6th of June" or even "6
de June", and it works because we just ignore the cruft in the middle.

So I think you'd need to either whitelist what everybody is typing, or
blacklist some common typos (or convince people to be stricter in what
they type).

> So I do think it's worth improving. (Yes, I know, send patches; I'll
> think about it.)

You read my mind. :)

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