Hi all-

Helping a coworker resolve merge conflicts today I found I wanted a -Xtheirs 
that completely replaces conflicted binary files with the copy from the 
incoming branch.  In other words rather than doing

  $ git merge maint
  ... conflicts occur ...
  $ git checkout --theirs -- path/to/binary-file
  $ git add path/to/binary-file
  $ git commit

I'd like to do

  $ git merge -Xbinary_theirs maint
  ... binary conflicts are resolved automatically ...

>From reading the docs it's obvious the current -Xours and -Xtheirs expect to 
>work on hunks, so I (mostly) understand the current behavior, but as a user it 
>feels like "I'm telling you how to resolve conflicts, please do the same thing 
>for binary files".

I am missing a solution that already exists?  Or is this perhaps an improvement 
that could be made?

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