Yann Dirson <dir...@bertin.fr> writes:

> Hm.  But then, git rev-parse $(git rev-parse :/Merge}^0 does work, a trivial
> patch would appear to make things better.

That, if done unconditionally, smells like a bad hack that wastes an
extra fork for a corner case that appears only very rarely.

I guess something like this

                git rev-parse --verify -q "$upstream_name"^0 ||
                git rev-parse --verify -q $(git rev-parse --verify 
        ) ||
        die "$(eval_gettext 'invalid upstream $upstream_name')"

may be an acceptable usability workaround, but I wonder if we can do
the same fallback inside the revision argument parser, so that

        git <cmd> ":/Merge^0"

first looks for a commit that has string "Merge^0" in it and if it
fails then it looks for a commit that has string "Merge" and then
apply "^0" to it.

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