Am 10.09.2012 18:14, schrieb Andrew Wong:
> Occasionally, while I'm in the middle of an interactive rebase, I'd change my
> mind about the todo list and want to modify it.  This means manually digging
> out the todo file from the rebase directory, and invoking the editor.  So I
> thought it might be convenient to have an "edit" action that simply invokes 
> the
> editor on the todo file but do nothing else.
> This should be safe to do in the middle of a rebase, since we don't preprocess
> the todo file and generate any state from it.  I've also been manually editing
> the todo file a while now, and I never ran into any issues.
> I wonder if any others have ever ran into this situation, and would this be
> a useful feature to have in interactive rebase? Comments?

Applause! A very welcome addition. I've found myself editing the todo
list every now and then, and I'd like to do that more often. This new
feature would make it dead simple.

Did you think about what can go wrong? For example, starting with this
todo sheet:

  exec false
  pick 1234567

and then the user changes the 'pick' to 'squash' after rebase stopped at
the failed 'exec' command.

-- Hannes

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