Michael J Gruber <g...@drmicha.warpmail.net> writes:

> While "git describe" behaves as documented, the notion of "most recent tag"
> is not really easy to grab, and it's not always the way you want to describe
> a commit.
> "--first-parent" is the option which answers the question: Which is the
> most recent tag on this branch which can be reached from this commit?
> ("This branch" being defined as "--first-parent" walk.)

I see a confused message here.  If it is "the" option which answers,
what is the question?  If the "question" is the only question people
would ask, you wouldn't make this an option, but update the default
to do this, but you obviously did not want to do so, so there must
be cases where using this option is inappropirate and is not "the"
option to answer the question the user wants to ask.

Also, how would this interact with "--contains"?  Should it and if
so why?  If it shouldn't, why?

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