On 09/11/2012 09:52 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Stefano Lattarini <stefano.lattar...@gmail.com> writes:
>> On 09/11/2012 07:27 PM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>>> These two hunks suggest that you may be favoring spaces, but other
>>> places you seem to use tabs, so...
>> I can convert the new tabs to spaces if you prefer (that would have been
>> my preference too, but thought trying to follow the "Git preferences"
>> was more important).  No big deal either way for me.
> If this were other parts of the system, my preference would be to
> use tabs, but because I do not help very much in the autoconf part
> myself, I do not have a particular preference.  If it is more common
> to indent the configure.ac script with spaces,
There is no general standard about it that I know of; it's just that
GNU projects tend to prefer space-based indentation over tab-based one,
and since I mostly touch configure.ac files from GNU projects, I've
picked up the habit.

> that would be more
> familiar to the folks who work on it, and I do not have much against
> choosing and sticking to space indented configure.ac file if that is
> the policy.
Then I might send a patch that normalize indentation in configure.ac
to "spaces only", if that's OK with you.  But that's obviously for a
separated thread.

> But if this patch is not about cleaning up the style to make it
> conform to a policy (whichever it is), I would have preferred to see
> a clean-up patch as a separate step, not mixed together with this.
The reason those few clean-ups are mixed into this patch is that the
pre-existing strange indentation style was actually making it more
difficult for me to grasp the code flow; that is, I didn't see them
as a cosmetic change, but as a way to make it easier for me and the
reader to see that my changes were correct and sensible.

> That's all; either way, no big deal.
OK.  Just let me know if you'd still prefer to have the indentation
cleanups done by a preparatory patch, and I'll send a re-roll.

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