On 09/13/2012 12:19 AM, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Dan Johnson <computerdr...@gmail.com> writes:
>>> Not really.  If we start encouraging people to use "git show" output
>>> as a kosher input to "am", we would have to support such use
>>> forever, and we end up painting ourselves in a corner we cannot get
>>> out of easily.
>> If git am emitted a warning when accepting "git show" output, it seems
>> like it would support Peter's use-case without encouraging bad
>> behavior?
> Are you seriously suggesting me to sell to our users a new feature
> saying "this does not work reliably, we would not recommend using
> it, no, really, don't trust it." from the day the feature is
> introduced, especially when we know it will not be "the feature does
> not work well yet, but it will, we promise" but is "and it may become
> worse in the future"?
> I do not see much point in doing that.
> Besides, what bad behaviour do we avoid from encouraging with such
> an approach?  As Peter said, the problem is not on the part of the
> user who ended up with an output from "git show", when he really
> wants output from "git format-patch".  Giving the warning to the
> user of "git am" is too late.

It might be enough to either enable format-patch output or print a
warning to stderr when stdout is not a tty. I believe that would at
least mitigate the problem, and it might educate the user as well.
We already modify output format when stdout is not a tty (removing
colors), so we're not giving guarantees about its format when it's
piped somewhere. I believe that would provide almost every scenario
with the expected outcome (including 'git show | grep'), but there
will be a handful of very surprised people as well.

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