2012/9/12 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> Interesting, but it bothers me to make it enabled unconditionally.
> At least, this shouldn't be enabled under GIT_TEST_OPTS=--valgrind, no?
Sorry for the late response and thanks.

No, setting MALLOC_CHECK don't require
valgrind and it considered a best QA to have the test suite with it
defined always. If the test suite fail with MALLOC_CHECK, well, there
is some problem, no ?
Some distro do it already in building packages (fedora for example)

At @rpm5.org we do the same for popt, for example, from years

> By the way, "export VAR=VAL" all on the same line, even though it is
> in POSIX.1, is reported to be unsupported by some shells people care
> about, and needs to be corrected to "VAR=VAL" and "export VAR" as
> separate commands.  I think we saw a patch to fix an instance or two
> that snuck in recently.
Yes, right, my bad. I will reroll.

Thank you
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