Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Who guarantees at this point in the codepath that option_branch is
> set when option_single_branch is non-zero?  Until we talk with the
> remote, "clone --single-branch" without an explicit "--branch" will
> not learn which branch at the remote we are going to fetch (it will
> be their HEAD).
> I wonder if this should be more like this:
>       if (option_single_branch) {
>               if (option_branch)
>                       Your patch "+refs/heads/foo:refs/remotes/origin/foo";
>               else
>                       "HEAD";
>         } else {
>               Original "+refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*";
>       }
> That is, "clone --single-branch" will continue fetching from and
> integrating with their HEAD without storing any remote tracking
> branch.

Alternatively, if you can move the logic to set up this
configuration further down so that it happens after we talked to the
other side and figured out remote_head_points_at, you could instead
set it up to keep a single remote tracking branch.

Even if you did so, guess_remote_head() may not find any branch when
the other repository's HEAD is detached, so you would need to decide
what to do in such a case, and "fetch and integrate their HEAD
without using any remote tracking branch" may be a reasonable thing
to do in such a case.
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