2012/9/14 Nguyen Thai Ngoc Duy <pclo...@gmail.com>:
> (Dropping translators as they probably are not interested in this)
> I saw a gnu project does this (I don't remember what project). If we
> update .po* files with --no-location, we can avoid a lot of diff
> noises due to line number changes. A typical translator does not care
> about these lines anyway. Those who do can easily search the string in
> source files without them.

I believe some translators need these location infomation to find the
context. In order to squelch noise, users can:

1. Define a new diff driver, such as:

    $ git config --global diff.podiff.textconv "sed -e '/^#/ d'"

2. Add two lines in .git/info/attributes to use this driver for po/pot files:

    *.po diff=podiff
    *.pot diff=podiff

Jiang Xin
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