David Chanters <david.chant...@googlemail.com> writes:

> 1.  I thought the replace data in .git/refs/replace was published when
> I did "git push" so that others could use this information as a
> base-point, yet it seems not to be the case.  How do I publish this?

If you don't tell it what to push, the command will just update the
branches.  You can tell "git push" what you want to push explicitly,

    $ git replace -l ;# to learn what replacement I want to send
    $ git push origin refs/replace/77d5ba8477eb90509e79dbcf63814a3dfdefb906

> 2.  If I do publish it, are there any caveats with that?  i.e.,
> because the replace data will likely point to a repo which in my
> working checkout I added with "git-remote", is that going to be a
> problem?

That is between you and other project participants.  They may not
want to see replacement in their project in the first place.

Assuming that they do, pushing the replacement ref makes the
replacing object available in the pushed-into repository, so
they will *not* rely on your repository.
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