Adrian Johnson <> writes:

>> I do not seem to find anything interesting after @@, which means
>> that xfuncname is not tested at all even though the log message
>> claims the patch adds some.
> I probably misunderstood how the tests work. I thought t4034 tested
> wordRegex while t4018 is for xfuncname. I based the Ada tests on the
> Pascal tests but changed the operators to Ada operators. I'm not really
> sure what else the test needs.

The per-language for-loop you added ada to in t4018 is only to make
sure there is no regexp syntax error in the built-in xfuncname, and
does not check if the patterns make sense for the language at all.

You could add test vectors to check if the built-in xfuncname
catches beginning of functions in Ada correctly if you wanted to,
but I think observing what appears on @@ lines in t4034 test vector
would be a sufficient test.

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