Matthieu Moy <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> I haven't been paying attention, but does that mean on that system,
>> a total stranger kseygold can write, modify, and remove whatever Ram
>> owns?  I am hoping that is not the case.
> I can see two reasons for having the same UID for two login names:
> 1) the sysadmin really messed up, and as you say, a total stranger has
> complete ownership of your files. Ramkumar, you should check that this
> is not your case.
> 2) the sysadmin explicitely gave two login names to the same physical
> person, as kinds of aliases for the same UID (e.g. the person got
> married, changed her name and login, but expects ~oldlogin to continue
> working). I'm not sure how common this is, and to which extend we want
> to support this in our test scripts.

I've only been assuming (1), but (2) feels like a legitimate (if
confusing) way to configure your system.

It is a separate issue if it is worth bending backwards to support
it in the test, though.

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