Junio C Hamano skribis 2012-9-16 22:22 (-0700):

> Mischa POSLAWSKY <g...@shiar.nl> writes:
> > Subject: [PATCH/RFC] format-patch: force default file prefixes in diff
> >
> > Override user configuration (eg. diff.noprefix) in patches intended for
> > external consumption to match the default prefixes expected by git-am.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: Mischa POSLAWSKY <g...@shiar.nl>
> > ---
> Not all projects expect to see a/ & b/ prefix and these are
> configurable for a reason.  Robbing the choice that has been
> supported for quite a long time from them is an unacceptable
> regression.

My bad, I was assuming format-patch would mostly interact with git am.

> Why did you think this may be a good idea in the first place?
> Perhaps you had configured your diff.noprefix in a wrong
> configuration file?  This is primarily per-project choice, and your
> clone of git.git should not have diff.noprefix set, neither your
> $HOME/.gitconfig unless you always work on projects that want
> diff.noprefix.

Then I'm not using it as intended.  For me it's just a personal
preference of how I'd like to review commits (diff/show) so I can easily
copy-paste file names (less essential since my discovery of git jump,
but still).  It's not something I'd like to be communicated with any
upstream project (format-patch).

So it seems I'm asking for a new feature: to be able to configure local
and inter-project diff options differently.  In this case I'd be helped
by either format.noprefix=0 or a to be bikeshedded localdiff.noprefix=1.
I don't know about other options though.  Does anybody actually want
mnemonicprefix to be sent out as well?

Another solution could be a single option defining behaviour exceptions:
format.diff = normal | textconv | noconfig
Expanding on the existing --(no-)textconv difference in format-patch.

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