"Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:

>> From: Junio C Hamano [mailto:gits...@pobox.com]
>> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 9:57 AM
>> To: Joachim Schmitz
>> Cc: git@vger.kernel.org
>> Subject: Re: [PATCH/RFC] Port to HP NonStop
>> "Joachim Schmitz" <j...@schmitz-digital.de> writes:
>> > Needs a different link order in Makefile: libintl before libiconv.
>> > This may affect other platforms, so needs some checking.
>> It will, and it needs customization, not checking.
> How?

By not moving things around to affect other people, but having them
in the order you want only for your platform (and other future ports
that need similar treatment)?

For example, if you need libintl before libiconv, a quick and dirty
way may be

diff --git i/Makefile w/Makefile
index a49d1db..9b2cfd6 100644
--- i/Makefile
+++ w/Makefile
@@ -1552,6 +1552,9 @@ ifdef NEEDS_LIBICONV
                ICONV_LINK =
+               ICONV_LINK += -lintl
+       endif
        EXTLIBS += $(ICONV_LINK) -liconv

and your linker command line may have "-lintl -liconv -lintl" but
that wouldn't be an error, and you know you won't be affecting
other platforms that do not use NEEDS_LIBINTL_BEFORE_LIBICONV, no?
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