Jeff King <> writes:

> What I think would be much more productive is breaking apart gigantic
> includes like cache.h into more reasonable modules, which would mean
> less frequent recompilation when an uninteresting part of the header
> changes.

Ideally cache.h should cover what read-cache.c, sha1_file.c and
sha1_name.c do and need.  The parts related to sha1_name.c may
deserve to have its own header file, as its scope is fairly wide and
spans from low-level object name get_sha1_hex() to high level
parsing like dwim_ref().  Right now, the header also has pieces that
are needed only by connect.c and config.c (not even commented as
such), pager, base85, alloc, trace, add, piece of diff, etc.

Also we may want to move helper functions that are generally useful
and do not depend on specific command to more appropriate files.
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