[a user confusion report]
I was updating my patch series manually aand made a mistake, so the series didn't apply properly. However the error message confused me.

   Applying: Doc clean: add See Also links
   fatal: corrupt patch at line 17
   Patch failed at 0008 Doc clean: add See Also links
   When you have resolved this problem run "git am --resolved".

In my case I resolved the _patch_ error, and then expected that doing the 'git am --resolved' would try to re-apply the patch and continue happily - I had checked that the status was clean - but it didn't.

   Philip@PHILIPOAKLEY /c/msysgit179/git (nextDoc|AM)
   $ git am --resolved
   Applying: Doc clean: add See Also links
   No changes - did you forget to use 'git add'?
   If there is nothing left to stage, chances are that something else
already introduced the same changes; you might want to skip this patch.

I'm not quite sure what the 'right' answer should be, maybe a --reapply option, or slightly different words in the message to highlight that the user is to make their worktree/index look like the patch _had_ applied, or something else?


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