On 12-09-18 07:46 PM, Paul Mackerras wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 07:57:54AM +0200, Stefan Haller wrote:
>> Whenever the diff pane scrolls, highlight the corresponding file in the
>> file list on the right. For a large commit with many files and long
>> per-file diffs, this makes it easier to keep track of what you're looking
>> at.
> I like this as far as it goes, but the one criticism I would have is
> that when you find a string (using the "Search" button), the filename
> that gets highlighted is often not the file in which the string was
> found (because the highlighting is based on the top line visible in
> the text window), which could be confusing.

Well, gitk currently doesn't highlight the matching file (or files -- there
can be more than one).  Stefan's patch isn't changing anything with how
string matching already works.

> Can you think of a way to solve that too?  Perhaps make the
> highlighting based on the currently highlighted instance of the search
> string, if there is one, otherwise based on the top line visible?

I think you're asking for a new feature.

Highlight-files-with-string-matches is different from Stefan's
consistently-highlight-currently-displayed-file, so it should be done
differently.  Perhaps use a different highlight colour, or overlay the
matching files with an icon.


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