Torsten Louland <> writes:

> Installing latest stable git on Mac OS X Mountain Lion is blocked
> by Gatekeeper.
> Could you provide an installer for latest stable git that is
> signed with an Apple issued developer ID so gatekeeper will let it
> through?

I am assuming that this is about the mechanism to block installation
or execution of binaries obtained from outside the Apple store, and
anything built from the source are exempt.

If that assumption is mistaken, please correct/educate me and
disregard the rest of the message.

I release only the source tarballs and no longer do any pre-built
binaries (I used to do so only for RPM), and Torsten must be getting
a(n unsigned) binary from somewhere; the request needs to be given
to whoever is supplying a pre-built binary for MacOS, but I do not
know who that entity is.

Whoever you are, please speak up and help Torsten and fellow MacOS


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