On Wed, Sep 19, 2012 at 06:15:09PM +0100, Adam Spiers wrote:

> This series of commits attempts to make test output coloring
> more intuitive, so that:
>   - red is _only_ used for things which have gone unexpectedly wrong:
>     test failures, unexpected test passes, and failures with the
>     framework,
>   - yellow is _only_ used for known breakages and skipped tests, and
>   - green is _only_ used for things which have gone to plan and
>     require no further work to be done.

Thanks, I like this much better than the original (and it's much easier
to review broken apart like this).

I raised a few minor questions in the refactoring patch, but other than
that (and assuming your answers are what I expect, I do not care enough
about them to block the series), it looks very good.

The new "a passing expect_failure is a breakage" is a good thing. When
it's unexpected, it will help call attention to it and let us figure out
early what changed. And when it is expected (because you are fixing the
breakage), it is an easy way to remind you to update the tests. :)

Thanks for working on it.

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