Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> I also suspect that you do not have to change "git diff" at all to
> show the patch recursively by using the attribute mechanism (look in
> Documentation/gitattributes.text for a string GIT_EXTERNAL_DIFF).
> It might be just as simple as doing this:
>       echo >.gitattributes "/lib/frotz diff=subrecurse" 
>       git config diff.subrecurse.command $HOME/bin/diff-subrecurse
>       cat >$HOME/bin/diff-subrecurse <<\-EOF
>       #!/bin/sh
>       path=$1 old_hex=$3 new_hex=$6
>       unset GIT_DIR
>       cd "$path" || exit 1
>       git diff "$old_hex" "$new_hex"        
>       EOF
>       chmod +x $HOME/bin/diff-subrecurse
> The corner cases like "new submodule", "removed submodule" are left
> as an exercise to the reader ;-)

It turns out that essentially the above outline I concocted in my
MUA is usable almost as-is.

Here is what I ended up with.

 * In .git/config of the superproject, I added this:

        [diff "submodule-recurse"]
                command = src/bin/diff-submodule-recurse

 * In the superproject, src/bin/diff-submodule-recurse has this
   (this is probably whitespace damaged---the lines must be indented
   by HT for the here document to correctly work):

        # $1   $2       $3      $4       $5       $6      $7
        # path old-file old-hex old-mode new-file new-hex new-mode

        case "$#,$4,$7" in
        7,160000,160000) ;;
        *)      echo "diff --git a/$1 b/$1"
                echo "(punt)"
        unset GIT_DIR
        cd "$1" || {
                cat <<-\EOF
                diff --git a/$1 b/$1
                (cannot chdir to $1)
                -Subproject commit $3
                +Subproject commit $6
        git --no-pager diff --src-prefix="s/$1/" --dst-prefix="m/$1/" "$3" "$6"

 * In .gitattributes of the superproject, I have this:

        /var    diff=submodule-recurse

The superproject in this case is a repository to control what I have
in my $HOME directory (e.g. it has src/dot/Makefile that builds and
installs the appropriate dotfiles, src/bin/Makefile that builds and
installs to $HOME/bin, etc.), and one subdirectory, 'var', is a
submodule that is only cloned to some but not all machines I clone
this superproject to.

With this setting, things like

        $ git diff HEAD~20

show differences with recursion into the var/ submodule just fine.
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