Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> "Shawn O. Pearce" <spea...@spearce.org> writes:
>> This reverts commit 703e6e76a14825e5b0c960d525f34e607154b4f7.
>> Retrying without the query parameter was added as a workaround
>> for a single broken HTTP server at git.debian.org[1]. The server
>> was misconfigured to route every request with a query parameter
>> into gitweb.cgi. Admins fixed the server's configuration within
>> 16 hours of the bug report to the Git mailing list, but we still
>> patched Git with this fallback and have been paying for it since.
> As the consequence of the above, the only two things we know about
> the servers in the wild are (1) a misconfiguration that requires
> this retry was once made, so it is not very unlikely others did the
> same misconfiguration, and (2) those unknown number of servers have
> been happily serving the current clients because the workaround
> patch have been hiding the misconfiguration ever since.
> But as long as the failure diagnosis from updated clients that
> revert this workaround is sufficient to allow such misconfigured
> servers, I think it is OK.  We might see a large number of small

s/servers,/servers diagnosed,/;

> people having to run around and fix the configuration as a fallout,
> though.
>> Most Git hosting services configure the smart HTTP protocol and the
>> retry logic confuses users when there is a transient HTTP error as
>> Git dropped the real error from the smart HTTP request. Removing the
>> retry makes root causes easier to identify.
> Does that hold true also for dumb only small people installations?
> They are the ones that need more help than the large installations
> staffed sufficiently and run smart http gateway.

In any case, will queue.
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