On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 6:48 AM, Johannes Sixt <j.s...@viscovery.net> wrote:
> Am 9/19/2012 22:24, schrieb Adam Spiers:
>>               skip)
>> -                     tput bold; tput setaf 2;; # bold green
>> +                     tput setaf 4;;            # blue
> It's unreadable on black background. Keep it bold; that works on both
> black and white background.

Whilst my preference aligns with yours in this particular case, we are
now on a slippery slope, since these days terminal colors are
infinitely configurable, and some heretics even choose backgrounds
which are neither black nor white ;-)  I don't want to trigger a long
discussion or end up spamming the list with lots of different color
scheme patches in an attempt to please everyone.  So bold blue will be
my last version of this patch.
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